Helene Kusman

Hi I’m Helene!

I’m a wellness blogger who loves sharing tips, tricks and recipes for leading a realistic and balanced lifestyle. Why realistic and balanced? Wellness is about finding what works for you. If it’s not realistically something that fits into your life, it’s not going to work! I believe we can only achieve balance by acknowledging the physical, mental and emotional aspects of our well-being.

Trust me when I say, I was not always this in tune with my body’s needs! I spent the majority of my life struggling with debilitating IBS, recurring eczema and chronic stress and anxiety. After graduating college, I knew I wanted to clean up my lifestyle and start being “healthier,” but didn’t know where to start. I only knew what I was being fed by the mainstream media, I began exercising with the goal of burning calories and eating low calorie, packaged and processed foods.

Once I began to explore produce at my local farmers markets, dip a toe into yoga and strength training and get in touch with my intuition, I started to discover true wellness. Eventually, I made the connection that nourishing my body physically and mentally helped relieve some of my life-long issues. Since, I have continued to uncover and share ways to address a range of health concerns through holistic remedies and food as medicine.

My goal is to help YOU find the tools, support and inspiration you need to feel the best you’ve ever felt! You can find me developing and shooting healthy(ish) recipes, creating lifestyle content and connecting with my incredible online and local community.

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