Feel-Good Holiday Gifts for Under $50

The best gift you can give yourself or those you love is to FEEL good! While there are certainly big ways of doing this without material items, these are a few of my favorites that can most definitely help. From adaptogens and collagen sticks to CBD cream- I’m sharing a collection of ideas that will hopefully help you find the perfect item for friends, family and even yourself.

1. Wellness Travel Kit ($35 for kit)

Taking wellness on the go has never been easier with this kit of must-haves! From clean beauty products to keep you refreshed to travel matcha and essential oil- it’s everything you need for a feel-good trip or on the go stash of essentials.

2. Shilajit ($24.65 with code: ‘ALLTHEVERDURE’)

Shilajit is one of my favorite adaptogens! It is perfect for active friends or family who are looking for a natural way to improve endurance/stamina and workout recovery. It can also help with immunity, cognition and anti-aging. I tend to think of it as the “fountain of youth”!

3. Vital Proteins Holiday Sampler ($16 for 5 sticks)

This sampler is the perfect way to try out some different flavors of collagen. The Vital Proteins collagen creamers (3 flavors included), matcha collagen and collagen peptides make yummy tonics on the go or while traveling. My personal favorite is to combine the coconut creamer + matcha to make an even creamier Matcha Latte on the fly!

4. Primal Kitchen Cookbook ($23.76 for hardcover)

This is the perfect gift for someone who wants to start or continue eating healthy without compromising ingredients, taste and flavor. Recipes like 10 minute Pad Thai Noodles and Spinach and Parmesan Stuffed Chicken will make them excited to get in the kitchen in 2019. I am obsessed with Primal Kitchen products and think it would be a super fun gift to pair the book with some of their products like a custom dressing set!

5. Hemp Infused Cream ($40 with code: ‘CWFAMILY’)

I actually first heard about CBD cream from my mother and grandmother in law swearing by it for their back/muscle issues. I’ve been using it on my tight and sore shoulders and think it would make the perfect gift for a loved one who is athletic and complains about sore muscles or anyone who experiences any sort of chronic muscular pain or skin issues. I also this this is a great price point for a nice, generous gift that isn’t an insane splurge.

6. Raw Sugar Products (16.99 for Lip Balm + Scrub)

One of my favorite kinds of gifts to give is one where they donate to someone in need with every purchase. I think it adds a personal and special touch, making the gift more about the spirit of giving, while also giving a physical token of appreciation to your loved one. Raw Sugar donates a bar of soap to a person in need with every purchase of their (certified organic) paraben, aluminum, sulfate and phthalate free products.

7. Wellness Focused Gift Card “Duo” (price varies)


I love the idea of combining a small item with a gift card. For example, a mug with a gift card to your loved one’s favorite coffee or tea shop, a yoga towel with a gift card to their favorite yoga studio or an insulated bag with a gift card to their favorite juice bar where they stock up on weekly juice. It adds a nice personal touch to a gift card while taking too much thinking and pressure off on your end and allowing them to get something they really like and use.