6 Holistic Health Stories that Will Totally Inspire You!

Ready to get totally inspired to dip a toe into holistic health? Learn about the unique journeys six different women took to work towards mental and physical well-being. Each of our lives have brought upon a different set of unique circumstances, but the goal is the same: find what helps us and our loved ones feel best. Holistic health is all about acknowledging the mind, body, spirit and interconnectedness of our wellness. Whether you are starting your own wellness journey or looking to up-level the practice you already have in place, these stories will have you motivated to take the next step thats right for you!


I Got Pregnant without a Period

I got pregnant while experiencing post-hormonal birth control amenorrhea (absence of a period). It still amazes me and I often wonder if I would have without the holistic approach I worked hard to adopt. Years before wanting to have a child, I spoke to my doctors about coming off birth control and having a homozygous copy of the genetic mutation MTHFR. Frustrated with the lack of and misinformation I was given, I took matters into my own hands. Between extensive research, finding the right doctors and holistic practitioners, making dietary changes and incorporating eastern and functional medicine (in addition to western medicine), I was able to take ownership of my fertility and understand how my unique body worked.

-Helene (All The Verdure)

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I'm Not High, I'm on CBD 

I've suffered with a major depressive disorder since 2014. I've been taking medication for it since then and now journeying with weening off of it. As a girlboss with coping mechanisms and self-care strategies, I've found myself talking to my psychiatrist about living my life without my antidepressant. In the midst of it, I've found CBD. I've been in love with a 500mg tincture every day. I've felt calmer, more relaxed, and more prepared to take the leap off of antidepressants. CBD hasn't made me tired or feel high, it's made me feel stronger to go off prescription medication than ever before.

-Shanna (Self Soul Sport)

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How a Plant Focused Diet saved my Dad

A few years ago, the doctor found a concerning growth on my dad's prostate.  It was alarming and stressful for our entire family but I knew that worrying about it would do nothing so I decided to get educated on the matter. Watching the documentary "Forks Over Knives" on Netflix had started it all. The main premise of the doc was how plant focused diets can prevent illness by turning off cancer cells but eating a heavily animal-based diet can actually activate those cells. With that, we placed our dad on a plant focused diet with minimal white meat (only chicken and seafood). A year later, the growth vanished! From that point on, it became my mission to help people realize that holistic nutrition can prevent illness and heal our bodies.

-Christie (Christie at Home)


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    I Discovered the Joy of Eating

    For a long time, I was consumed with the numbers and ingredients on a nutrition label. I stressed about what I ate constantly and it affected not only my digestion but also my mental health and my body image. Learning how to eat intuitively and ultimately get pleasure from food again has transformed me as a person. Once I was able to make the connection about how food can make me feel, I was able to let go of the idea that I had to be perfect all the time. I let go of the obsession and restriction and rediscovered the simple joys of eating.

    -Jaclyn (Holistic Foodie)

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    I Found the Light in Myself and Business

    My first year of entrepreneurship was.. *shudders* nothing like social media makes it seem. Within three months of being on my own, a Kenya that I had never seen before emerged. This Kenya was constantly moody and stuck in a comparison vortex of measuring what she was doing against everyone else. During that first year, I was frantically looking outward into the world to validate my ideas, my passions and what I timidly felt I had to offer, instead of focusing on the Divine Presence within me that was the Source of these unique gifts. Within my second year of business, through daily meditation and one-on-one coaching with a beautiful heartfulness spiritual coach, I was able to see the light. The Light was me - no effort or outer work required. By releasing myself from the effects of the world and connecting with the Truth of the Divine within, I have brought forth new levels in my business and my life - living Peacefully and Purposefully.

    -Kenya (Power in Your Curl)

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    I Overcame Depression and Anxiety 

    I struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life. I was put on medication at the age of 14, and thought I would have to take it indefinitely. The medication helped a bit, but the side-effects were terrible, and I still struggled with symptoms. After years of feeling frustrated with my health, my research led me to a holistic approach that works for me, and I have been medication free for over a year. The first step was addressing my Automatic Negative Thoughts, which I did through a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness. The second step was addressing dietary irritants, and honestly, I think changing my diet is what made the biggest difference. Through elimination dieting I discovered that grains and beans create an inflammatory response in my body that leaves me with depression and anxiety (along with arthritis, hormonal imbalances, cat allergies, & digestive distress). Following a paleo diet that is relatively low-carb has completely changed my life. I also include herbal adaptogens and supplements in my routine to further support overall health.

    -Cory (Tiny Clean Kitchen)

    Feeling inspired and ready to take action? Comment and share whose story you relate to most and the health goal you are currently working on!

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